Tips to get the best organic turkey

Tips to get the best organic turkey

Whenever you are throwing a party or hosting one, it is for sure that you would keep turkey on the menu. Especially if it is on the occasion of Thanksgiving, organic turkey whole foods are must on the dinner table. Now you must be conscious enough to serve the best food to your guests. In order to do that you have to know how to choose organic ground turkey from the genuine organic turkey farm. So can you go about getting the best organic turkey birds, or innovative cooking ideas? There are some guidelines which you can consider while choosing the right one.

Tips to get the best organic turkey

Consider some important factors while choosing organic turkey

Depending on the size of the bird, count one pound for each person on your party. If you happen to find a heavier sized bird, around sixteen pounds, then you may consider a little less. As it tends to have more meat than bone. Always look for bigger sized bird and pick it from only organic turkey farm. This way you will be assured about the raw substances of the food item.

Opt for more than one organic bird

If you are having a big party, then it is advisable to choose more than one medium sized organic turkey instead of a big one. The two small sized turkeys will easily fit in the roasting pan as well as in the refrigerator.

Pick a fresh one

While selecting the right turkey you may become confused, as there are so many products available on the market. But it is better to pick the fresh one without any extra ingredients to prepare best organic turkey whole foods.

Tips to get the best organic turkey

Distinguish the fresh and frozen birds

It is needless to say the fresher bird will get you juicy moisturize meat. So while looking for a fresh turkey, you can also pick up frozen birds. They too will give you great quality of meat.

Quality Check Must

Make sure you buy the organic ground turkey from a reputed food market. Where you must run a quality check on these factors, like it is rating in Animal Welfare, whether it is without antibiotic or not. Also there is no solution added, excluding any growth hormones, etc.

Which portion of the turkey has dark meat?

Well, the turkeys usually have dark meats in their thighs, so if you are keen to have dark meat, opt for some thighs. Otherwise alternatively white meat is there in the breast area.

Advantages of getting an organic turkey that is brined

Brining benefits you wonderfully in the taste of the meat. It is all about soaking the meat in salted water for twenty-four hours before cooking. This results in keeping the moisture and gives a juicy softer meat after cooking.

Tips to get the best organic turkey

Few other tips to get best turkey

There are other ways to get best turkey for your occasion, which you can get by pre-booking on various online stores. Else refrigerate the turkey at 28 degree to form a soft layer of ice, which has to get melt before to prepare to cook it. Another way of getting a good quality turkey is, you must possess the meat thermometer. The one that reads instantly helps you to understand when it shows 165 degree Fahrenheit. That means it is ready to be cooked.